Have a Merry Airbrushin' Christmas!!!

Few more days and it'll be Christmas 2011! And this is what I got for myself for Christmas in advance... my Dinair Studio Beauty kit!!! I've been wanting to own an airbrush makeup kit in the past but never had a chance, because I have other priorities.

And since we're going back home for an indefinitely long stay, I've been thinking of things to do. I want to do things that I love doing. Of course, I'll still sing. In fact, I've been contacting some people and asking around with the local gigs there - because I haven't experienced doing local regular gigs before. If there are some modeling shoots or projects for me, then I'd be more than glad to do it.

But another option for me is to do some makeup gigs - as a traditional makeup artist and an airbrush makeup artist. I know there are lots of events here and there and I would love to experience being a makeup artist = off the shoot. I would really love make other people beautiful in their own events like debuts, weddings, and maybe divorce! Just kidding! LOL! I already have quite an enough mix of makeup tools and products in my makeup trolleys and I think I have the skills. I've always been the makeup artist in Mar Silverio's shoots and other photographers' shoots, too. I just have to add more gigs and experiences for my makeup portfolio. And I thought that adding an airbrush kit will help me achieve that.

That's why when I knew that my model-friend Valentine would be going back to the California for a couple of days for her boyfriend's birthday, I thought of a perfect gift for myself to cap this beautiful year off. I asked her to buy the Dinair Studio Beauty Kit... my airbrush makeup kit! It was fun shopping online with her during Black Friday because there were lots of crazy deals. My kit came with loooots of freebies and boy, I was like a kid getting a gift from Santa on a Christmas morning!!! I'm just sooooo happy! Thank you, Valentine & Richard! :)

First thing I did was watch the instructional DVD that came with it before ripping them off from their separate packages. And finally,  I have tried it this weekend at work (and at play) and it was really great on skin. It felt like I wasn't wearing any makeup at all!!! I have tried it onstage - with no powder or retouching - and it lasted hours even after my gig! I'm really happy with it!!! Can't wait to try it on others... because hubby won't let me practice on him! Hahaha!

I was so happy unboxing it that I took out my camera and took some products shots with my D7000. I will post some of my portrait shots wearing my airbrush makeup. LOL! Oh, by the way, you're forgiven if you'd be drooling on my new goodies, no worries! *wink*

My whole Dinair Makeup Studio Beauty Kit - with lotsa freebies!!!
The airbrush kit "usually" comes with only just 4 small bottles of foundation...
...but because of Black Friday sale...  I got 12 bottles of them!
It also came with a small Airtan bottle (for tanning), Moist&Dewy
(to add a dewy look), and a practice color (for practicing)
Comes with blusher/bronzer and for eyes (eyeliner)
My Dinair Airbrush machine, adaptor, and battery pack
The kit comes with an instructional DVD, stencils & stencil catalog,
brochures, complimentary lesson, and gift certificate of $5! :)
It is indeed a merry airbrushin' Christmas for me! Weeeeee! :-)

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