Babushka Christmas 2011 in Beijing!

Left: During Christmas eve at Shangri-La Beijing
Right: At The Place with the giant LCD canopy
Christmas eve at the bar was surprisingly busy than expected. In fact, we got pretty good Christmas tips from the guests, too. Isn't that cool? :) We were supposed to finish at 11:45AM, but since everyone was in a celebratory mood, we just extended a little over after midnight. Then we hurriedly changed into our casual clothes and went to the Westin hotel where our friends, the Soundforge band, has prepared a little Christmas meal for us to share together. And we just had fun eating chicken adobo, sotanghon, and biko for noche buena while talking and just sharing stories. We went back to the hotel at 5AM, which is already considered a bit late since we've started sleeping at 3AM last night.

Christmas Day... and we're off! Yessss! We woke up past noontime and we chatted with our unica hija, who's actually vacationing with my friends Claire and Dior and the latter's kids. Selena is really having a good time there. I'm happy because she has some friends to play with and spend time with during this Christmas vacation. My mom is sad that her granddaughter won't spend this Christmas with her, but I know she understands. :)

Anyway, we went out to go to this mall with a huge LCD canopy - it's actually like the one in Las Vegas, but then again I can't compare because I haven't been to Vegas yet. But we had a great time, I took some videos. I got all emotional when they showed a Christmas presentation for a few minutes. It was beautiful and it felt so magical! I just wished that Selena was with me to see it... she would have loved it. In fact, I sent her an SMS right after that, only to know that she's enjoying herself watching DVD movies with her friends, too.

We then went to Wangfujing and strolled along the famous Wangfujing road which was filled with malls. We went to one of the malls to find a Skechers shop to get Marl's Christmas shoes. Yes, I got him a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups for Christmas! He wanted it after knowing about it from our friend Jonathan, so he's happy about it. He got me a Blackberry anyway and I'm happy about it even though I don't have a local sim with BIS that would go with it. Can't wait to get a Globe simpack for it when I reach Manila. :)

So there we have it... I guess, I had a good and peaceful Christmas this year. Not the best one, but it's good to keep it lie-low sometimes. Maybe I'm growing too old for parties and such. Nahhhh, I'm forever 25! I can't turn old, not a hair! Oh wait, lemme take care of that grey hair for now. LOL! Hope you guys had great Christmas celebrations and parties with your loved ones, families, and friends.

Next celebration in line which I'm very very very excited about is the New Year's Eve!!! I can't wait to spill it out and let you all know about it... but let's keep the excitement hangin' there for a while, okay? :) Five more days left in Beijing... time flies so fast indeed...

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