I'm now an authorized dealer of US Wondlan products!

The blessings are just keep on pouring - one after another!!! I ain't complaining. In fact, I'm so thankful and grateful, I just had to acknowledge them!!!

Anyway, few weeks ago, I was in search for a good DSLR stabilizer because the videos that I made with the Nikon D7000 appeared to be a bit shaky that I had to remove a lot of clips from my final video. I wanted to buy the handheld stabilizers but the prices of the famous brands were out of my budget. I'm referring to at least US$500 per piece!

Well, maybe it's just my luck when I met a sales representative named Rebecca from a company that makes cheaper handheld stabilizers that deliver the same result as the previous ones I mentioned before. And eventually, we became really good friends. I expressed to her how happy I am with my purchase and would like to help to promote it in the Philippines, where a lot of videographers are recently growing and multiplying. They know that I'm going back to the Philippines after our current booking in Beijing. Then the company offered me a dealership - an authorized dealership in the Philippines. In fact, it's a special dealership that would be easy on my part. And thank goodness, I wasn't that crazy to just let it go. I asked around and even talked about it with my hubby Marl, then reviewed the terms in the contract before signing in and finishing off a deal.

Wondlan Pegasus Handheld Stabilizer

And this week, I just signed the deal! Therefore... the company SMC REPUBLIC - estabished by me and my hubby Marl in the late 2007, is now an authorized dealer of US Wondlan products that are manufactured by Wondlan International. The said company manufactures professional camcorder and DSLR camera kits and accessories for making professional films and videos. This is very good for those video hobbyists (like me) or those who are intending to turn seriously professional and want to make short films, music videos, documentaries, etc. As of now, we are starting off with the handheld stabilizer product called Pegasus which we have stocks on hand - a stabilizer that would support camcorders or DSLRs that weigh 2.2 kgs and below. We are looking forward to expanding to more of the Wondlan products in the coming year 2012!!! This is gonna be exciting!!! Wish us luck!!!

P.S.: I'm really thankful for all the countless blessings that are coming our way. Greatly humbled by all of these great things around us and all the support from our friends and loved ones... :)

UPDATE: Not only in the Philippines, we also have dealership for Malaysia! Read more about it.

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