Sars The All-Arounder

Left: Me in action (with my rig) from yesterday's shoot
Top right: Vain me. Top left: My baby Nikki D.
I love being infront of the camera, strutting my stuff infront of a lens. But I also love being behind the lens and being the one behind a great production, video, or photoshoot. Lately, we've been working with some foreign models here in Beijing. While Marl is the photographer, I found myself being the one with lots of job behind the scenes - makeup artist, hair stylist, stylist, creative director, assistant/VA or lights(wo)man, and BTS videographer. And I ain't complaining! In fact, I LOVE it! :)

Watch out for my next blogs where you will be able to see the great images of the models I have worked with. :)

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