December Freebies!

Yes, December is here and in a couple of weeks, it'll be Christmas! :) And yayyyy... I got my first freebies from my friends in Qingdao, Rhoda and Donna!!! They are actually working for a company that makes awesome fashion accessories for exporting to major bands.

Four years ago, they also gave me some samples of wonderful fashion accessories. I was supposed to start selling accessories in my small RTW store, which didn't last long that's why the plan to sell accessories was scraped off. I really love their accessories! I still use some of them till now. They are mostly in sets of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. I promised them that I will use this new collection for my future shoots and gigs. :)

And yes, I guess I really am a lucky girl... look at how beautiful these accessories are!!! Who wouldn't be jealous of that??!!! Even Marl is jealous! Hahaha! Thank you so much to my "vaklush" friendships... Rhoda and Donna - the unbeatable tandem hahaha!

click to appreciate it more :)

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