Busy and lovin' life! =)

I've been soooo busy for the past few days. I've been backing up files to make room for video editing. I have taken almost 20 gigabytes of videos for the past 2 weeks. Woahhh! So I really need to edit them so I can archive the raw videos to my backup DVDs (for hardcopy). 

I've also started with my diet again as I noticed my face becoming 'fleshier' on photos and videos. Since I'll be infront of the camera most of the time, I need to lose a bit 'flesh'. I have also started working out again. And what's good about my body is that, it listens to me. With the combination of good diet and work out, I have already lost inches and pounds in just a few days. Weeee!

Btw, here are some of hubby's new works for his 365: A Daily Dose of Sanity album. I'm a fan of his works, not just because I'm his wife or I'm his muse in most of his photos. It's because I believe in his talent in photography and post-processing. Nobody has any bloody idea the hard work that he does in his photos. Nobody but me.

Click to appreciate them better... =)

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