Allura billboard of Ara Mina - shot by Mar Silverio

The Goddess Ara Mina is definitely back...
Here's the billboard of Allura Body Contour and Slimming Center where the NEW Ara Mina is the new endorser (after Cristine Reyes). And the best part (for us) was it was shot by my hubby, Mar Silverio! The billboard is in EDSA corner Annapolis St. in Greenhills.

It ain't as giant as other billboards that you may see along EDSA every day, but this billboard is so remarkable in couple of ways. Why? It's Mar Silverio's FIRST big published project and at the same it's the much-awaited comeback of the Sex Goddess of the 90's, Ms. Ara Mina, who have amazingly lost a lot of weight through Bikram yoga and her slimming sessions with Allura.

As I might have already mentioned here in my blog before, Ara Mina & Mar Silverio used to be members of That's Entertainment. And since we've gone traveling after the TV show ended, there were only few occasions when we'd meet up with Ara. But during our last vacation in June 2011, when she saw Mar's photography portfolio, she endorsed him to be her photographer for this project (and then some). The shoot was scheduled a day before we left for Beijing, with celebrity makeup artist Krist Bansuelo and celebrity stylist Marvin. 

Mar took the photos with him to work on them while in Beijing. But there was a problem -- MMDA took down a lot of billboards of huge brands, especially those showing too much of skin. Even the billboard of famous celebrities were brought down. In this billboard, Ara is endorsing a body contour and slimming center and it would be impossible not to show a little bit of flesh. So Mar had to do a lot of revisions on different photos that were submitted. He and Ara communicated through email, Skype, and Twitter regularly to update each other regarding the project. But after almost 2 months of work and wait, MMDA  finally approved this final product. At last! The above photo was an actual photo taken by Ara Mina using her iPhone and was sent to Mar through email. :)

Mar's photos of Ara Mina won't only be used on Allura's billboards but will also be printed in tarpaulins for other purposes to promote Ara Mina as their new endorser. In fact, Ara Mina has also used Mar's different shots as her display picture (profile photo) on her Twitter page. And also, the photos will be used in the product labels and promotional materials of Ara's beauty product line - Ara's Secrets Pure Glow. So basically, Mar's shots of her will be all over. :-)

And now that The Goddess is back - in a healthier and svelte figure - there are lots of projects and shows lined up for her. We wish her all the luck that she needs. Anyway, she is already a household name in Philippine showbiz. Goodluck, girl, and see you here in Beijing, soon! :)

It would have been a great start in Mar's serious photography career had we not left the Philippines too soon, as he was asked to do other projects with other celebrities, too. But who knows? This might be a great "sign" for us to stay back in the Philippines... soon. :)

Watch out for the making of the Allura Billboard on video... and more sexy-and-sexier photos of Ara Mina coming soon on Mar Silverio's Facebook page. Peace out! =)

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