Selena bags most awards in her practicum with Center for Pop Music Philippines

Selena showing her certificate card adorned with all 11 awards :)
Our daughter started having her voice and stage performances sessions when we were back in Manila in June. We enrolled her at Center for Pop Music Philippines in SM Megamall to further enhance her confidence onstage. During her orientation, her coach, who is called Coach Prince, was really impressed with her voice, stage presence, and beauty. :)

Anyway, weeks passed by and today was her practicum at Padi's Point in Starmall, along with 13 other students of different ages. Since we're not there to take care and give her moral support, I asked my good friends Dior and Claire to see what Selena might need. Dior brought some dresses to choose from and she also groomed Selena.

All practicum performers were asked to perform 2 songs each with spiels in between. Selena sang an inspiring Tagalog song "Patuloy ang Pangarap" by Angeline Quinto and a fast one, "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera. As her nanny told me, she was the most applauded performer in the batch. In fact, she bagged the most awards - 11 awards in all! Here are the lists of her awards:

  • Best in Voice Quality
  • Best in Tonal Quality
  • Best in Body Sway
  • Best in Belting Out
  • Best in Reaching High Notes
  • Best in Enunciation
  • Best in Stage Performance
  • Best in Expression
  • Best in Spiels Delivery
  • Most Applauded Performer
  • And the most coveted.... STAR OF THE DAY!
WOAHHH! Who wouldn't be proud of that!??!?! I was so overjoyed upon knowing this that my eyes got filled with tears reading the text message from my friend Dior and from her nanny. She even beat other students who are a lot older than her! I'm a PROUD MOMMA!

She is indeed something special. And with few more sessions left, she will soon have her recital performance for Level 1. I can't wait to see her video performance which are actually stored in her laptop. And for sure, I will blog about it again soon. Very soon! :)

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Traveliztera said...

mana kay mommy ! :D

congrats to your beautiful daughter! :D