Happy Birthday to Mar Silverio

One of photos in his 90s album. It's me & him. Believe it or not. LOL!
Yup, it's another year of celebration for my hubby Marl as he turns -ty one today (let's leave his age just like that! LOL). And to celebrate it, I posted a very special album on Facebook that's dedicated to him. It's an album of his glory days on TV when he used be a member of That's Entertainment. It includes photos of some famous celebrities then and now. It's a never-seen-before album for most of our friends.

And guess what? It was such a hit on Facebook as friends exchange funny comments on the photos. We really enjoyed reading the comments especially those that came from our funny friend Angelo Bautista, a photographer who we have worked with before, and Rocky Gathercole, a famous Filipino fashion designer known in the Middle East. We haven't met Mr. Rocky yet, but since we've been 'friends' on Facebook for quite sometime now, his funny comments on the photos were most welcomed. :) Click on the photo above to be taken to the album.

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