RIP Amy Winehouse...

There are so many shocking news this weekend which includes the tragic death of a great singer, songwriter, and performer - Amy Winehouse. She was found dead in her apartment in London, probably from an unexpected complication with her health and vices. She died at the young age of 27, which makes her a recent addition the '27 Club' - performers who died at the age of 27 including Janis Joplin.

She's been one of the talented singers that I look up to, in terms of pure talent. Too bad that she wasn't able to win over her battle against excessive drinking and taking prohibited drugs. Her infamous shabby performance videos on Youtube have been heckled by many but those will now remain as memories of her existence in this world.

Thank you, Amy, for the wonderful music and immense talent you've shared with us. Your music will definitely live on. Thanks for the inspiration. You will always be remembered...

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