Back to Beijing for the 3rd time

Yes, we're finally back in Beijing... for the 3rd time! :)

After more than a month of holiday back in Manila and a little hassle with the processing of our Chinese visas and OEC's, we are finally back to perform at the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing... with a new twist! Marl and I are performing as a duo. Really exciting as we have more than enough in our repertoire to play as a duo but nervous coz I have to do the songs that my ex-colleagues used to sing. Who else would sing their songs anyway? :)

We've been performing for almost 2 weeks now and I guess, we're doing a pretty good job. The sets are more relaxing as there's no pressure for us to get the people expect for more. I mean, what can a duo do aside from a singing songs? I get to wear my beautiful long gowns again and I get to really do a makeover every night. I chose to have my hair styled in a way that it would be easy for me to curl it every night. I found a perfect curl volumizing gel and it really makes my hair beautiful.

I like our current setup. I like that I get to sing while my microphone is on its stand, too. The freedom of expression is different. Although I was known to be an energetic live performer, I don't really miss dancing onstage at all. I can do it in the room, anyway. I'm willing to 'transfer' that energy into something else... that is to make us a perfect dynamic duo. :)

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