Unexpected Holiday

We got a word from the management of Shangri-La Beijing two weeks ago that we are indeed going back to the Philippines for a very short holiday. Why? Because they weren't able to extend our visa so therefore we must leave China and apply a new visa in Manila. My reaction? I jumped up and down but had to compose myself because we wanted to surprise our daughter Selena, who was then going back to Manila after her vacation in Beijing.

So we flew out to Manila on May 20 and spent a night in our condo while pretending that I was still in Beijing whenever I chatted with Selena. On May 21, we flew out to Cebu to spend the weekend there. We spent our lunch at the beach near our house in Talisay with my siblings-in-law and their family. All I did in Cebu afterwards is to sleep, rest, and nap. =)

We flew back to Manila on May 24 and surprised our daughter Selena (details on the next blog). It's definitely great to be back HOME with my little family in our little condo. It's my first time to actually take care of my daughter's school needs before school opening. And it feels great.

We will surely savor every minute of it. It won't be too long before we fly back again to Beijing to continue our contract. 

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