Guess who's back into video editing again?

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Yup, it's me! :) I was inspired to go back to video editing again after our fun Chinese New Year holiday where we did a lot of things and they're mostly documented on video. And as I was transferring the videos from my camera to my external hard drives, a thought came into my mind - to share the hundred of gigabytes videos to the world, especially to my friends and relatives.

I am not new to video editing. I've always been fascinated with taking videos since I got my first camcorder in 1998. I started to go semi-pro by learning a little video editing and accepting some work - just for fun - like video transfers (from camcorders to computer), minimal video editing, and burning the finished products in VCDs in 2001 - I even design the disc labels. Some bands even asked me to take their videos and give them their finished products in VCDs. At that time, I was only using Ulead, Sony Vegas and Windows Media Maker (there's another software I can't remember) at that time but I was able to create decent semi-pro videos.

But like other hobbies, my love for videography would come and go like seasons. I switched to Mac in 2007 and went back to video editing after learning Final Cut Pro. I use iMovie for simple video projects. But in 2008, I got into internet marketing which required me to do professional promotional videos about the products and services that I was doing. They were all uploaded on Youtube, but all videos got blocked or reported as "scam". So my interest died down since then from disappointment and I got discouraged. From then on, I'd just do simple video uploads - until recently.

The passion is coming back again. I have so many ideas in my mind that I wanted to do but I don't have tools to do so. I only have my trusty small Lumix digital camera that can take HD videos. I don't want to have a video camcorder, I wanted to buy an SLR instead that takes HD videos as well. But I have to save up for it this year. Priorities, priorities. As of now, I'm contented with my Lumix digicam.

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