It's our 12th wedding anniversary, y'all!

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Photo by Jay Ismail
Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. Weeeeeee! And instead of making a new video gift for my husband, I just revived the video that I posted on YouTube during our 10th wedding anniversary 2 years ago. Why? Because I haven't shared it on Facebook yet and I felt that this is the right time to share it with our closest friends and relatives there.

The video gained a lot of 'likes' and comments of well wishes on Facebook. I tweaked a little bit of the video where it says 10th or 10 years and changed it to 12th and 12 years, respectively. But instead of reposting the video on Youtube, I just added some annotations to cover up for the "10's" on the said video.

The music that I used here was our very own recording of the song "Last Time I Felt Like This" back in 2007 at the home recording studio of my friend, Mandi Ferrer.

Special anniversary gifts? Nah! Since our 12th wedding anniversary fell on the date when iPad 2 was officially announced and lauched, we have agreed that we will buy each other iPad 2's once it's available on this side of the world. :)

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