Offday hurray!

I wasn't whining when I mentioned on my previous blog posts that we'd be working for 3 weeks straight during the holiday season. But I'm thankful that finally our first offday of the year 2011 has come.

Marl on the limo. Ok, limo taxi. LOL.
The frozen river. Wanna get on it?
Of course, we spent it by going to one of our dwelling joints here to release stress - the photography equipment building in Wukesong. Why do we love the place so much? Well Marl loves the ground floor where they sell cameras, photography and studio equipments. As for me, I love the 2nd and 3rd floor where they sell not only the elegant and fabulous gowns and outfits, but also cosmetics and accessories for photoshoots. An hour won't be enough to stroll around within the area. There's just so much to check out and try on. I'm gathering materials for my future shoots - once the weather permits us to. And since we haven't got our paycheck yet, I didn't spend with a full force. Just, uhm, enough. LOL. Oh, and I got myself my chroma backdrop. Wanna do some experiments on my video projects. Soon!

The river beside the building has already been frozen. Marl wanted me to try and get on it but it was just too cold simply standing on top of the bridge. But I wanna try that next time. So watch for that - maybe in the news, too! LOL

I can't wait to return to the photography building next week hopefully. Wanna buy more accessories and wigs. Weeee!

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