Maxitrol, oh Maxitrol!

Finally it's here!!! Given the fact that it's really difficult to find a drugstore/pharmacy here in Beijing that sells western drugs and medicines, I never thought I'd be able to get hold of this known cure for sore eyes or pink eyes. But a twitter friend, who I haven't met, was flying from Manila to Beijing for a holiday with his family. I didn't think twice & sent him a message for this big favor - to buy me Maxitrol for my recent agony.

So he and his family came to the Cloud Nine bar tonight to meet up for the first time or call it a mini #tweetup and to watch our show. His lovely wife, who worked in Edsa Plaza Shangri-La in Manila with our hotel's general manager here, passed this cure to to me and boy, I felt like a kid who just got her first Christmas pressie! Thanks Boyet for the help! I owe you one! :) Oh, here's our photo together taken at work tonight! :)

Now, let's pray that my pink eyes will be gone sooner than later... will you please make it happen, Maxitrol? Pretty please?!?!

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