Pink Eye: Go forth and multiply?

So apparently, I woke up this afternoon with an additional concern regarding my now-infamous pink eye. Been on prescribed meds for 4 days now so I was hoping to see some slight improvements. I almost screamed when I looked in the mirror... it has passed on to my right eye! Now I have officially PINK EYES! Huwahhhh!

Because our passports were sent out for the processing of our working permit and other circumstances, I haven't seen a local eye doctor yet (yes, somehow hospitals and clinics require passports for foreigners' registration). But I'm so lucky to have my ex-schoolmate Jac who is now an optometrist in California who has enlightened me with some information I need. I have even showed her some photos of my eye and sent her some videos to show what's happening with my eye so she could help me in her own little way. Oh, I love technology! She's not ruling out on anything but by the looks of it and from the facts that I have laid on the table, she suspects nothing more serious than viral conjunctivitis. Which means it is indeed THE pink eyes or sore eyes. But she still advises me to see an eye specialist here in Beijing. Hope this gets better soon. Wishin' n' hopin'...

So anyway, now that I have both pink eyes, I can say that it's so much easier to handle this than having just one pink eye. Why? Because I'm no different than other people that I know of, especially when they get exposed to smoke or when they get drunk or when they get allergies or sinusitis. LOL. The pic below was as of 3AM of December 10, 2010, Friday.

Multiple choice:
a) looks like I've been swimming without goggles
b) looks like I've cried too much
c) looks like I just had a little too much to drink
d) looks like I just had a very good joint (by lawrz LOL) 
e) all of the above
PS: Thanks to @David_UR for pointing out that it was indeed the same left eye that got hit by my microphone earlier this year.

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