Bye bye, pink eyes!

Happy Sars
My Twitter friends might have been shushing me out of their timeline today as I went gaga over Maxitrol the moment I woke up this afternoon and been raving about it since then. Why? Because it's just sooooo amazing! It's like a magic was done over me overnight and I couldn't believe my eyes. Pun intended.

When I got the Maxitrol from a friend last night, I only was able to use it before going to bed after the show. It stung a bit, maybe because it's THE medicine that this stubborn pink eye needed. Then when I woke up in the afternoon, I was soooo excited to look at the mirror at what could have possibly happened in my sleep. I didn't feel hardened mucus gluing my eyes, my eyes just opened as it normally would - without the burning or stinging sensation. And when I looked in the mirror, it was indeed MAGIC!

To my Facebook and Twitter friends who have advised me to get Maxitrol or Tobradex, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You saved my self-esteem from dropping low this weekend. I'm gonna see my friends who I haven't seen for a year (some of them more than that) in a pre-Christmas gathering tomorrow that we have organized with our agent/manager. And yes, I wouldn't have to hide behind those dark glasses anymore. I can't wait to do it tonight so I can have clear eyes tomorrow!

PS: Please tell the makers of Maxitrol that if they need testimonial model, they'd know where to contact me. Hahaha!


Unknown said...

Hi, I have pink eyes and was googling the fastest cure when I found your post. I only got it yesterday but am on holiday so really want it to go away. Do u think i shud use maxitrol? My pharamcist says it is dangerous and can make the pink eyes worse!?!

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

Hi Zeenat! I highly recommend Maxitrol. But you must stop using it once you got the red out. As my doctor friend told me, continuous use of this thing is also dangerous. And once the redness is out, you'd still be a pink eye carrier for the next 2 weeks - since it just made your eye look aesthetically better. Take care!