The price I have to pay

This was one of holidays that I've really enjoyed because it has allowed me to prove that I can do good in other things, too, aside from my real profession which is singing. And one of them is to be a hands-on supermom to my princessette mini-me.

Since we moved out of my mom's house in Paco and moved into our condo in Mandaluyong which we haven't lived in since we bought it 4 years ago, I have had the chance to really take care of my daughter. And that's the best fulfilment I've ever felt.

But it's taking its toll on me now. Because my husband Marl and I are leaving for Beijing to work at the Shangri-La Hotel there. And my heart is crushing at this very moment that I'm lying beside her, knowing that in a few hours, I'd be missing this. Her hugs, her kisses, her sweetness and all.

We definitely have to make sacrifices in life. And this is the price I have to pay. Totally.


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