Hair Asia 2010 at the World Trade Center... SUCCESS!

It was the biggest ramp modeling that I've ever been in. But of course, it's the Hair Asia 2010 which was held at the World Trade Center in Manila, Philippines. I was one of the Clairol models for Anita Gutierrez and Danny LaPointe, hair experts from Clairol Professional. Although I'm busy these days, I managed to gather the videos from my iPhone 3GS and Panasonic Lumix digital camera and tried to edit the video this morning. I knew I needed to edit it today because I've only got 5 more days left in Manila, before flying off to Beijing. I made two parts of it: behind the scenes or the making and the show itself. Enjoy!

Here's two part video of Hair Asia 2010 for Clairol Professional in a playlist:
Toggle the side arrows on the video to advance to Part 2 or watch Part 1 again

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I'm so ready to hit the runway for Clairol at the Hair Asia tomorrow

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Beauties all around!! Long-leggedness overload!


Copper sooo you!