Greetings from Beijing!

Stopover at the Xiamen Airport. We're in China! :)
Marthy and I at the transit bus from the plane

Marl on the transit bus waiting for the other passengers from the plane
The placard that our chauffeur was holding when we got out
of the plane. Looks like I'm the only female in the group, eh?
I know that we're near our hotel because I can see the nearest
landmark which is the Beijing South Railway Station

Just checked in at the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing!
Hi everyone! The U.R.B. Band has touched down on the soil of the capital of mainland China yesterday. It has been a long holiday back home and this cold weather is just a little too much for us. Brrrrrr!

Our journey started at the NAIA 1 at 6AM where we had to pay a ridiculous amount of P30,000 for our excess baggage - which only consisted our basic needs, costumes and instruments. Feel free to share with our sympathy for ourselves. LOL. Our flight was 9AM which was on schedule. We stopped over at the Xiamen Airport at 11:20AM where our passports were chopped with arrival stamps. Surprisingly, when we finally reached Beijing, there was no need for us to go through its immigration anymore. We were ushered by our chauffeur from the plane to the spot where the limousine service of Shangri-La Hotel Beijing was waiting for us. Yeah, back to the sweet posh life. *winks*

For us, nothing much has changed since we left here last year. For them, U.R.B. Band has definitely changed. Aretha was replaced by Marthy now, Marl has gained weight and guess I still look the same.

We will start performing at the Cloud Nine Bar of Shangri-La Hotel Beijing tonight, November 26, 2010. Check out the URB website for more details >

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