Raising concern for an imprisoned fellow musician in Iran

Ernie Tamonde
Earlier today, I got messages from Sonny Panis, one of the members of Pinoy Musicians Network (PMN) about a fellow musician who was jailed in Iran and is now facing execution for drug trafficking charges which he was believed to be innocent of.

His name is Ernie Guinoo Tamonde and he also happens to be a member of the musicians' site that me and my husband run - Pinoy Musicians Network. His case is no different from other innocent victims who eventually became suspects of drug trafficking. He wrote a letter from his cell to get help and to appeal to the Philippine government about his case. Read the full story here.

As I've searched about him on the internet, I found a Facebook page about his case and his appeal. If you have access to anyone from the media, government agencies or Philippines embassies who can help Ernie, we would greatly appreciate it. I hope I can help in my own way of spreading this news to our fellow musicians and those people who know him.

Below is a copy of the 2-page letter he wrote.

2-page letter written by Ernie Guinoo Tamonde from his cell

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