I'm on the cover of Her World Malaysia's 50th anniversary collectors edition for October 2010

What a nice birthday gift from Malaysia!

I just got a word from friends in Malaysia that Her World magazine October issue is now out. Since it's their 50th anniversary edition, it's a very special issue which they call Special Collectors Edition. It features 50 face of distinguished women - mostly famous and known celebrities and public figures in Malaysia - on the cover of the magazine. It has a hard cover with stencils of the number "50" and guess I'm pretty lucky that my face can still be seen even under the hard cover. And I guess, I am indeed lucky to be part of the "distinguished" women in Malaysia. Weeeee!

Also inside is the feature story on my 2 dear friends, Terry Teo and Imelda Caday, who run the cheapest riding club in the whole world called Denai Alam Riding Club. These 2 people are the reasons how I landed on a full page beauty spread of Her World August issue and how Marl and I ended up in big billboards in Malaysia. Terry Teo is one of the developers of the Space U8 Mall and his family is my "foster" family in Malaysia. :)

It is indeed a beautiful birthday gift for me. I'm missing Malaysia even more than ever!!! Thank you, Her World! Thank you, Malaysia!

Thanks to my friend/sis Melinda Liew for sending me the Twitpics of the mag! Now can somebody send me a copy to the Philippines for my birthday? :)

Even with the hard cover on, you can still see my face!

The 50 faces of Her World's 50th Anniversary Special Collectors Edition
There's the cheeky me! :)

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