I just got older and luckier

When I tweeted yesterday that I'd rather celebrate my day quietly with my loved ones, I was truthfully saying that. My day started with big kisses at 6AM from my two loves, hubby Marl and my daughter Selena. Just the perfect way to start my special day.

It was followed by a tweet from my friend with a photo of the cover of Her World magazine October issue where I am in. Perfect birthday present! Then the rest of the day was filled with greetings on Twitter, Facebook, emails, phone calls, and text messages. I tried to respond to each message, comment or tweet but they were just too much! LOL. THANK YOU GUYS!

Then I went on to my regular schedule of appointments with doctors who would be giving me pre-employment certificate for my band's next booking in China. I saw an endocrinologist and I was referred to do a Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) for my thyroid cyst. If you wanna have an idea how my aspirations go, check out this video that I did last year. :-)

It was about lunch when I got done with my appointment and time to rush to Shangri-La Hotel Makati to meet up with our friend and photographer I've worked with in Malaysia, Dr. Ban Hup Teh. He was with his 12 year old son, Sheng Han. And boy, what a small world! I saw the assistant F&B director we used to work with in Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Holger, walking in the lobby. I ran up to him and he was so surprised to see me. Apparently, he's now the F&B director at the beautiful Shangri-La Resort in Boracay Island and was only assigned to cover for Shangri-La Hotel Makati for 2 months. He introduced me to the F&B Manager in hopes for me and my band to have a gig here in the Philippines someday. I guess I just got luckier! :)

Our friend/photographer Claire was so kind enough to accommodate us to take Dr. Teh for a short old Manila trip. We took him to Intramuros and Manila Bay. Dr. Teh gave me an afternoon birthday treat at Barbara's Restaurant in Intramuros. We also drove around the SM Mall of Asia to show him how big that mall is. :)

After taking Dr. Teh and his son back to their hotel, Claire, Marl, and I decided to hit up SM Megamall. What I haven't mentioned in my blog yet is that we're actually moving in our own condo - FINALLY! For those who don't know, we've been renting out our condo unit at California Garden Square for 3 years since we bought it and it's our first time to actually LIVE in it. So yesterday, we went to SM Home Appliances to get a brand new TV and a refrigerator - it comes with a TV rack and a rice cooker respectively! Weeeee! It was so exciting shopping these items on my birthday - though it was a bit stressful for my debit card. LOL.

I also forgot to mention that my friend-singer Chona is living at our condo for the meantime while she's waiting for their next booking back to Malaysia. Technically, she lived there first before we moved in. LOL. So we all adjourned in our condo unit after a tiring day and we talked and laughed about stuff to end up my simple celebration. What a great way to spend my big day! :)

Anyway, thank you for all the greetings and wishes, guys! Especially to Archael and my NoyTube family for taking some time out to make me this birthday video. THANK YOU, LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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