"A birthweek is a weeklong celebration of birthday(s)" - Sarita Carreon

My birthday is still on Wednesday, September 29th, but I don't know why I always end up having a BIRTHWEEK instead of just a day. Last Saturday, my Aussie bestfriend Wayne and Malaysian buddy Tan came to Manila just to have a birthday dinner with us! Wayne's birthday is on the 2nd of October and Tan's is on the 28th of September. We had a special Chinese dinner at the Summer Palace of Edsa Shangri-La Hotel with couple of their friends and hubby Marl. And yes, they just came to Manila for that birthday dinner. Now that's true friendship! Thank you Wayne, love you my Aussie bestfriend! Of course it marked the start of the birthweek celebration...

Triple celebration for Sarita, Wayne, & Tan
Another celebration is my daughter Selena Marie's birthday which falls on this day - 27th of September. She just turned 11 today. Oh my, how time flies. She's couple of years close to becoming a teenager. Oh no. LOL.

My bestfriend Edlyn Serenio celebrates her birthday today, too, as so with my boss' daughter Janine Cherrie Chacko and my gurlfriendsis Lhey Bella. More people and friends celebrate the same birthweek with me like Jeff Cifra (24th), my cousins Ronald (24th) and Annie (25th), MsRazberries (29), RashidiRashid (28) and few others.


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