Photoshoots and Practices

I know I've once again gone back to my habit in slacking off on my blog. As most of my friends know, I'm very much visible on Facebook and Twitter especially on the current events in my life, until I get lost in the moment and eventually get over it that I actually forget to blog about it.

I've done a big photoshoot last week for a soon-to-open huge shopping mall. And guess who posed with me as a model, too? It's Marl! LOL. It was purely work so I guess the fun factor was a bit less. But we almost fainted when we asked where the photos will be used... on billboards & other promotional stuff!!! Wooohooo! Can't wait to see it!

I also did a fun shoot with SoonCM and Marl at 4AM last Sunday morning... in the middle of the street in Kuala Lumpur - on a sofa! LOL

Been busy practicing with the new girl Marthy who's replacing Aretha at the moment. Yes, practicing every single day. :)

And this has been Sarita Carreon for Blog-A-Blurtz. :)

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Mhel said...

Wow, sikat na talaga kayo ni Marlou, congrats! I'm not surprised at all, kayo pa, you both possess that "IT" factor :D