Unaccompanied mini-me

Selena spent her 9-week summer vacation here in Malaysia since mid-March this year. Yes, it was a very long holiday since our school year in the Philippines starts in the beginning of June and ends in mid-March the next year. And soon, she'll be starting her 5th grade or what they call Standard 5 in Malaysia.

She really did enjoy her vacation here in KL this time. Although she spent most of her time with us, we often allowed her to spend timewith my friends and my friends' kids every weekend. In that way, she never felt bored and would always look forward to some activities with friends especially spending time at the ranch.

She's been traveling alone as an unaccompanied minor since she was 4. And on this trip back home, she said that the pilot gave her some M&Ms when they reached Manila and was invited to peek in the cockpit. What a lucky girl! :-)

As for me, it saddens me to lie next to an empty bed. Oh well, too much for the mushiness...
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