Video collab: Jason Telmo's birthday

Last year at around this time, I participated in a birthday video collab for him that was made by Reggie Soriano aka RegiSor94. This year, I'm so glad to have been invited once again to have a bit and to greet him once again on his 'ty-fifth birthday. Thanks to a fellow NoyTuber, Jet Li (who does look like Jet Li!), aka WalangMagawaProd, for giving me the chance to greet my idol bestfriend, Jason Telmo, aka ChinaEyes22 on his special day. :)
PART 1 (my bit is at 00:35)

PART 2 (my bit is at 03:12)

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Planet Jet Blogs said...

Natawa naman ako dun. Look like Jet Li, hahaha!
BTW, ako nga dapat mag thank you sa inyo for participating! I really wanted to do this for Jason! He's such an amazing guy!

If you stumble here on this page Jason.... Happy birthday ulit!

Jet (",)