The Perv at Guardian KLCC

My family and I went to KLCC to do some shopping. Marl and mini-me went to Kinokuniya to buy books while I went my own way towards MAC store to get my own dose of new cosmetics.

Afterwards, I went to Guardian pharmacy to get some toiletries. I was at the Garnier shelf and checking out their new products, reading which is which and what I might get. Then this yuppy stood beside me as if he was also looking for something. He was maybe around 25 years old, in his office uniform, a backpack and leather men's shoes. I didn't mind him at first as I was busy reading about the products which went on for about 3-5 minutes. When I stood up from looking at the lower part of the shelf, I looked at him and he had this look that tells me "I've seen you somewhere before" - you know what I mean?

Bragging aside, I get that look from guys a lot (yeah yeah yeah, yada yada yada!). So I just ignored him in a snobbish way then I moved a few meters away towards another shelf - still not knowing about his motive as I was so busy with all these different beauty products. Then I saw the same pair of men's shoes beside me again. I was a little bit suspicious already. I didn't look up but looked sideways with my eyes. To my horror, I just realized that he was moving his left hand up and down inside his pants in a rigid way.

OMG!!! The f*cking perv was actually masturbating inside his pants through his pocket right before my eyes!

I looked to his face this time in shock and saw a different look in his face from the first time I saw him earlier. His face was a bit red and his eyes looked like he's high - he must be in his climax. I hurriedly walked towards the next lane to get what I need then rushed to the cashier near the entrance. I reached out for my phone to call Marl but there wasn't a signal. I saw him coming to me then queued up next to me in the line even though he didn't have anything to pay for - and at this time, I was soooo scared already. There were 5 more people in the line before me and so I rushed to the pharmacy counter to pretend I forgot to get something, leaving him in the queue. I felt so relieved that I can actually pay for my stuff at the pharmacy counter. After paying, I made sure that he wasn't looking and stormed out of Guardian. Yes, he was still in the store and probably was looking for me! Thankfully, I saw Marl and mini-me right away and we left KLCC at once.

I couldn't tell Marl about it right away because Selena was with us and she was so curious when I told Marl that I was gonna tell him something when we reach the hotel. So instead of telling him, I wrote about it on my iPhone and showed it to him.

Moral Lesson:
There are lots of perverts out there in real life. It's not just in movies nor in stories. Good thing about my situation was it happened in a public place. What if it happened in a secluded place like lifts or staircases? Only God knows what could have happened to me. And I'm so thankful that God didn't let anything to happen to me.

To my fellow ladies and girl friends, always be careful and bring a pepper spray or just be brave to tell the guard or something. Don't be like me. I wasn't brave at that time, sorry. Maybe because fear took over me that I couldn't think straight. Besides, I'm a foreigner in this country, I don't want to be in any trouble.

For now, let me put this story in the books and put it in the shelf under 'Lesson Learned'.

And to my tweethearts @chrisjsimon, @varrylicious & @jeffcifra, sorry to disappoint you but I wasn't able to find out the length and size of that perv's thingy. Hahaha! But yeah, I realized that maybe his pocket has a big hole for easy access anytime. Next time I see him, I'll get his number, ask his size and give it to you, ok? Hahahaha!

To my other tweethearts who replied on my tweets regarding this, thank you so much for the comforting words. :)

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Anonymous said...

thank god nothing happened. wear decent dress, girls and ladies. dont show your skin too much. poor boy.