My first VSS - right on Twitter

It's my first time to do VSS on Twitter. What's VSS? It's Virtual Secret Santa. It's like the Kris Kringle that we've all grown accustomed to when we were still in school. Call it what you want: Mommy-baby, Kris Kingle, or Monita-Monita.

My friend Ann @x2Msquared facilitated this on Twitter. We all had to take a photo together with our "virtual gift" and show whose it from and whose it for. The good thing about it is everything is done ONLINE - it's just VIRTUAL.

There were only a few peeps who joined this fun thing but it's a good thing for a start and we're all Filipino tweeps. I'd like to thank @ronniedare for connecting me with these cool people on Twitter. See their VSS gifts on x2Msquared's blog HERE.

Here's my share of VSS for @sofiesalvador:

And here's what I got from @KMbalo:


Ron said...

Thanks for the mention. We are all glad to have you on our circle of frieds. Sana dumami pa tayo. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarita! Thanks for your gift! I love it!!!