'Tis the season...

Why is it that Christmas always brings a lot of mixed emotions to most of us? Some are happy and excited that they already have done their Christmas shopping in the early part of the month, while the rest of us are longing to be with our families and loved ones on this special season. Some have had a rough year and looking forward to what the year 2010 has in stored for them and some have had the best times this year that they're anxious of what will happen next. And, without a doubt, some are looking forward for their Christmas pressies.

As for me, this is the season to be grateful for what I have achieved and what I have received and experienced - be it good or bad - because they're all part of the countless blessings that are coming my way. Life is too short to fill with worries, fears, and dramas. Let those rest and have a peace of mind. And a blessed heart.

Merry Christmas to you...

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