Busted twice

So it was my husband Marl's birthday on Wednesday. And since we are so far away from the Beijing civilization, I planned a little something for him.

First, I got him a surprise birthday cake. Since we are always together 24/7, it was hard to get it organized with the staff. I only had the chance to speak to them during our breaks. So, just before midnight on Tuesday night, I was so anxious about it. I was in fact nervous that my hands turned cold! LOL.

So I went to the toilet and gave them a sign to prepare the cake. Then I went back to the bar and told them to standby because we were just going back onstage for our final set. I called Aretha to tell her that it's ready. But Marl also looked my way. I was --- stuck, and man, I felt a cold rush in my body coz by the way he looked at me, he knew that I was up to something. LOL. He asked, "why?". I just stood there. Then without much further ado, since I felt busted already, I just told him, "Ahihihihi! There's a birthday cake for you" *smiling shyly coz I got busted while pointing to the lit-up cake*.


Okay so, the three of us got to celebrate his birthday quietly and privately after our gig. When we went up to the room, he uploaded my Colours gallery on his Flickr stream and on our Facebook account. I found a great chance to let our friends know that it's his birthday by sending out private messages to our friends on Facebook. I told them to leave a comment on my Colours gallery which is also Marl's birthday treat. And I did mention in the message to NOT REPLY on that message as I'm trying to keep it from Marl.

So basically, greetings started pouring in and everytime he gets a greeting from somebody we haven't heard from for quite some time, he'd be very happy to read the greeting. And then a handful came again, then another handful of greetings followed. He was wondering why all these people came to know that it's his birthday. I just said, "I don't know", pretending not to know anything about it. LOL.

Until few of the people I sent the message to didn't actually read the part where I said "DO NOT REPLY". He was checking the greetings and saw there were messages in the Facebook inbox. To his shock, it was a reply to my "secret message" which I sent to most of our friends! LOL. And there, I got busted again.

Well at least, he's so happy and overwhelmed with all the greetings. Thanks to everyone who have participated in. And yeah, we had a good laugh about him finding out about the almost-a-hundred-greetings on Facebook.

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