Qingdao - here I come!!!

We've been looking forward to this for quite some time now, even when we were still in KL. And now the time has arrived. We're going back to Qingdao for just a day. And night! :-)

Can't wait to see all our friends there. Heard they're planning for a BBQ party by the beach, then a little bit of photo shoot, then just plain fun! It just so happened that the Qingdao Beer Festival 2009 has just commenced yesterday. Hope we'll have time to go there. We also have bunch of things that we left with our friend DJ, Jboy. Oh yes, at last, I'm gonna be getting my printer already! 

Since we couldn't get a train ticket going to Qingdao, we'll be going there by plane. Much expensive at RM760, but I guess it'll be so worth it. We're taking a train back to Beijing on Monday so let's see what adventure we will be having.

Aretha wants to go, too, but she'll be going to Tianjin to see her friends there, too. One day, we'll go to Tianjin with her. One day...

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