"Colours" by the birthday boi, Marl

It's Marl's birthday today and since he's been working on this series since yesterday, I ought to give him the credits for doing such hard work in making beautiful images like these.

It was a lazy Sunday night and we were watching some movies on my husband's new digital media player or whatever it's called. It was our night off and we got really bored in the room. I was chatting with my daughter that night (before her bedtime) as I playfully put different colors of makeup on my eyelid. Marl looked at me and told me, "let's do a photo shoot in the room after our nap". So yeah, basically we had an hour nap on Sunday night and woke up at around one o'clock on Monday morning. Yeah, past midnight. You can't imagine how lively I have tried to be at 4AM for this photo shoot. But I'm glad that the photos turned out great. See for yourself!

Check out this Qik video that I did after our gig:

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