Selena in KL - Day 1

The princessette woke up VERY early. And when I say EARLY, I'm talking about 10:30AM. For somebody who's used to waking up at 3-4PM, it's like waking up in the middle of the night.

So she started tugging my ears and said, "Mommy... mommy! I'm already awake... mommy? Mommy! Are you already awake?!". Then I just said, "Hmmm?! Hmm-hmm... hmmmmm". I hugged her tightly and told her to go back to sleep. She did for an hour, but I felt like it only lasted for 2 minutes. LOL. Then she didn't give up until I opened my eyes. I reached for my iPhone and loaded the game that she likes to shut her up a little bit and for me to catch up on my sleep. But she kept on asking me what to do with the game, etc. etc. In other words, I was forced to finally get up at 12:30 noon. We had our little breakfast; she had her chocolate muffins with chocolate drink, I had my donuts (which she brought for me from Manila) with coffee. After her shower, we checked out what the kids' activity on Sundays' lunch downstairs. She just did her sand art, jumped on the inflatable tent and asked the clown to make her a balloon sword.

We then went upstairs and woke Daddy up. My friend Edlyn came and we decided to go to KLCC for a stroll. Bought couple of sandals from Vincci and ate some pretzels at Auntie Anne's kiosk. We went back to the hotel, just in time for us to prepare for work.

After work, we all watched Benjamin Button on DVD. I must say that it's a very unique story and very nice movie. But towards the ending, when Benjamin was becoming younger and younger while his wife was getting older, it becomes awkward and we were laughing at the side comments we're making till the movie ended. LOL.

It was really fun having the princesette around... now, our room doesn't have any dull moments anymore, except when she's asleep. :-)

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