Dressed for (Halloween) Success

Our Halloween party at the Q Bar was well-attended by our regular patrons. The locals were not much into the Halloween costume thing but some were eager to have their face painted outside of the bar. Most of costume wearers were expats and/or related to expats.

We were in our black and white striped inmate costumes together
 with the staff. The hood I bought in Manila with the words written "Yes, I did fall from heaven" unbelievably matched my attire. I did my hair and my makeup - all by myself! I got the reaction that I wanted, "WOW!" with a follow-up question, "Did you just cut your hair?!". LOL.

Though I didn't do my Michael Jackson bit, we managed to wow the guests with our "Thriller" dance. The staff were good, so was Jan & Marl. Yes, Marl also danced! LOL.

The whole night was an absolute fun, I had a ball. I managed to wear my Bush mask which was really funny and ugly. They find it really amazing how it actually fit my face, and how its lips could be moved as well as I speak and sing. I also used the pair of glasses which I used on my Funny Sars flix.

I didn't manage to get good video as it was really dark at the Q Bar. The video of our Thriller dance was horrible as the camera was blocked by watching guests. LOL. But of course, THE HALLOWEEN PIX ARE FINALLY HERE!!! Check it out and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK to comment!

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