Happy Halloween!

We're going to have a Halloween party tonight at Qbar. Since we've been playing in lobby lounges as 3 piece band since 2000, we never get to celebrate Halloween parties like before. The last Halloween party I've actually celebrated, wherein I dressed a zombie in camouflage pants (Huh? Yeah, I know! LOL) was in Hong Kong in 1998. That's why I'm very excited for tonight's party. We're gonna be dancing with Qbar staff (see blog post prior to this). I'm gonna do my Michael Jackson impersonation for the 2nd time, too(I did my 1st ever MJ impersonation in Jan 2008 - you can view it here).

If you still haven't checked the music page on my site, I've put the song, Phantom of the Opera (Remix), as the 1st track. I just find it right in time for today's celebration! LOL. Check it out here!

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