I've been featured - sorta!

My YouTube friend, Jason a.k.a. chinaeyes22 made a special video dedicated to all his Filipino friends on YouTube. I haven't met this guy in person, but I've been a subscriber to his videos. He's one of those few non-sense people who can make a huge sense on what they're doing or what they're saying. I, for one, am one of the non-sense people who can NOT make a huge sense on what I say or do - sometimes! LOL. I'm a video blogger and I blab. But eventhough Jason blabs a lot, this guy is very talented and very creative when it comes to video production and editing. And his videos are really funny! I hope someday I can work with him and produce something non-sense that can make a huge sense, too! LOL.

This is dedicate to all Filipino YouTubers from Jason... And yes, you can find my 2 seconds of fame at frame position 1:02...

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