My Li'l Singing Princessette

Yes, she is now a singer. Well, let me rephrase that. she's always been a singer. But it was just yesterday, October 17, that she managed to enter as one of the Top 3 contestants in lower elementary level (Grades 1-3) to compete for the Grand Finals in her school on November 8, 2008. I feel so proud because she's really talented for a 9-year-old. She has recorded some tracks in the past and her recent recording, "When There Was Me & You" from High School Musical (which you can hear from my music gallery in my website), really shows the natural talent that she has. She can, of course, hit high notes easily, but her voice quality is something that amazes my friends. And with the guidance of my mom, who trained me during my younger days as well, she's now one of the finalists for the said Grand Finals. That's my girl!

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