Failed to broadcast longer - but still, it did!

I tried to leave my iPhone on top of the bar where the bottles expensive drinks are quietly sitting, while it broadcasted live for the first 8-10 minutes of each set. I thought the Flixwagon app crashed on me during the 1st set, but when I recorded the 3rd and 4th set, they were all of the same recorded length. So what gives?

When I went back home, I tried recording again and having it on standby for 40 minutes. And yes, it did upload the whole 40 minutes up to my Flixwagon. (Sorry, I only made it for private viewing because it was just me eating, staring on my computer screen, and yawning without covering my mouth! LOL). So the problem was not on my iPhone or Flixwagon.

The culprit was the WiFi connnection of the hotel! Maybe, if it goes idle for more than 8 mins, it would disconnect the computer/device from the network. Oh no, my goal to broadcast our gig live has somehow failed. But I'm not gonna give up. Tonight, I'll leave it recording somewhere different from its spot last night and maybe it's just that particular spot. At least, now I know.

For your viewing pleasure and if you're curious about the videos, here are the Flixes:
(forgive me for the 1st few minutes of each Flix as I was trying to secure my iPhone in place so it won't fall off)

1st Set

3rd Set

4th Set

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