OMG! I'm all over Flixwagon!

Flixwagon has a new cool home page that features not only the recent videos being flixed but also shows the featured and some random videos in sliding style. I like it since it looks more informative than before.

My 2 videos are still in Top 5 Most Viewed - for whatever reason! Haha! I mean, it's sitting there and still getting hundreds of views everyday!

One of the videos was my first attempt to flix entitled "I'm An Appleite" - sitting on No.5, which was nothing more than seeing my handwriting and me smiling at the end. That's it. People ask me what is an Appleite. I've been a member of since July, a premier source of anything about iPhones, and I'm a very active member there. They even formed a fans club for me there - hihihi!

The other one is entitled "Take A Bow" - now sitting on No.3, which had me singing Rihanna's song. I don't even think I sang properly because it was like 3AM at that time! LOL.

But I got a huge surprise today!!! And it's like 2AM in the morning and I have no one to tell it to, except for my husband who said nothing when I excitedly told him about this...

Take A Bow is also one of the TOP 5 FEATURED VIDEOS! Woahhhh! This is like... wha??!? huh?!?! wha??!?! If you go to What's Hot, you'll see 2 faces of moi - plus the Appleite flix.

And that's not all - I'm one of the Top Broadcasters on Flixwagon. You will see it on the homepage, lower right. And I can see my recent video "Funny Sars" being down on a slide under Featured on the homepage (but I still can't see it on the Featured page yet).

So I'm most viewed, I'm featured and I'm one of the top broadcasters from all over the world - ALL ON FLIXWAGON! Wooohooo! This is really exciting!!! 

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