The Techies

I’ve been a contented, happy and satisfied Mac switcher for 6 months now. I don’t know if you have read it somewhere, but I think I wrote something before that I named my Macbook, Mackie.

Mackie has been a good boy since he came into my life & never failed me. Love everything about it - except the heat (ouch). Mackie wouldn’t want to settle for anything less and always have the latest sofware/applications.

Mackie has a little sister and we named it iBabu. It’s the usual 8GB iPhone but what makes it a cool accessory is having me as its cool accessory as well! *headspin* Oops, sorry about that. I love iBabu a lot, she’s so delicate that I would always cradle her in my arms. Shhhh, don’t tell Selena about that.

They both complement each other. If I’m away from Mackie, iBabu keeps me company at its best. And when iBabu is tired from playing and recharges herself, Mackie helps me with what I need to accomplish for the day.

Paquita (iPaq HW6500) and Ixussa (Canon Ixus 750) are still around. They usually see iBabu a lot especially when they’re juggling inside my bag. Mackie is too big to play with the little babies and he’s too heavy to carry around.

Marl, on the other hand, has Trening (Treo 750). She’s his first WinMobile PDA-phone as he’s a Palm user right from the start. So far, Marl is loving her. I’m not jealous. Well, okay, a little.

He still has his Treno (Treo 600) and Nokee (my Nokia 6300). And remember my Fujitsu notebook that I was selling last year and nobody wanted to buy? He bought it! Of course, he bought it! And no, he didn’t get a discount! Business & pleasure are 2 different things. Of course, he can give me both if he wants! LOL.

I think it will take a while til we add another baby in the family. Time to save up as Selena’s been bugging me to add a REAL baby in the family. And not just another DOLL. LOL.

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