Time to con"template"

Call me independent but I’m the kind who always wants to be different. I have my own style and my own flair. You can see that in everything that I’d buy and own. And that includes in the designs that I do for my website.

If you’ve been visiting my Sarita’s Corner since the day I started making my own personal in 1998, you would have seen the personalized touch in every site update and revisions that I make. Even if I used Frontpage, CoffeeCup and other designing software when I was still a PC user, I certainly would make my own template and design.

That’s why this first complete site that I had made since I switched to Mac took a long time in the making. Because I didn’t want to make it look like any other websites. I’d like it to be called my own. Anyway, since I’m taking the credit as the webmaster, why not take the credit of having my own design, right?

It was a great frustration for me at first when I learned that there’s no way to integrate my Blogspot account to my new site. I have quite a number of posts on it and have liked the convenient ways to blog - via email, any browser and now, on my iPhone. But as I always believe, one can’t have everything and still hope for everything. You have to let go of something good to make for something better.

As it turns out, there’s no way for me to really blog on this site while I’m away from my computer. My iPhone won’t even allow me to blog-and-publish-later-when-I-sync and that sucks. But then, let’s just say, save the best for last.

So I’ll stop whining about it now. Till my next whining.

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