All New SaritaOnline for 2008

My domain is soon expiring and that led me to cram to update my website with a newer and more updated one, just so my annual fee wouldn’t be put to waste. I haven’t blogged for 6 months, haven’t uploaded photos for a year and I guess most of my friends have already forgotten the way I look!

One of them even said, “Sarita, the only reason for you to hibernate yourself for too long is if you have had any surgeries that turned bad and wouldn’t want to show anyone. Are you pregnant?”. Don’t worry, I still look the same and, no, I’m not pregnant or wasn’t pregnant at all. You all know that I will always stay pretty like you would all want me to be.

Okay, first of all, I deeply apologize for the long waiting. Your worrying emails and messages have encouraged me to surprise you with this site. I know it’s not THAT amazingly surprising, but I’d like you to know that making my own template & layout is far more tedious than putting stuff on this site. I do hope you find it worth-waiting for.

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