.Mac websites blocked in China

It’s disturbing to know that although my site is viewable, my friends in China are having difficulty in doing so. Apparently, there are more than 30,000 internet police hired to gather and block information to its people. You know China, they can easily do that.

The main host of my site, Freewebs, has been blocked since last year, although I’m a paying member. So I ought to find a better server with .Mac, which didn’t fail me until I decided to be a paying member again in April this year. My friends in China were disappointed to see my site. I told them they didn’t have to be disappointed because I haven’t updated it since I left China in October last year anyway.

So my main goal now is to find a solution for this by finding a proxy tunnel for it. I ought to stay with .Mac because of its features that serve my site very well.

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