Grand Vacation!

Ok, first of all, I’m sorry (?!?) for not updating you all for almost a month. Took a time off from everything. Didn’t have anything to do for weeks now. Just bumming around.


Me and my princessette had a great party at home for our late birthday celebration. On the cake, her candle said 8 and mine said 18! LOL. Hey, the last time I celebrated my birthday in the Philippines was when I turned 17. So it’s just but excusable to feel 18!!! LOL. Some relatives came to celebrate with us. Old friends came to chat with us.

After a week, we went to Cebu to take a holiday. One of our VIP guests in Qingdao, DW, was also in Cebu and he treated the whole family for a 2 night stay at the Shangri-La Mactan Island Resort.

Selena enjoyed the beach. It would have been fun for me, too, had it not been for my mouth sores. I hit my lower lip with my knee (again!) as I was packing for Cebu and developed into a huge sore. Imagine half an inch, round sore inside my lower lip, brushing against my teeth all the time. I couldn’t talk much, couldn’t eat, couldn’t smile! Couldn’t do anything much except when I’m on painkillers. The pain was unbearable, but knowing myself, I just had to breathe the pain in and out. Yoga technics become useful.

Now I’m back in Manila. Had to send Selena to school after being absent for a week, so Marl’s left in Cebu to take care of some stuff. As for me, just chillin’ out. Can’t go near the malls with the recent Glorietta bombing. I love staying home with my princessette and my funny brothers. I’m kinda hooked on TV for Marimar at night. I’d wake up at 5:30AM to wake Selena for school, sometimes I’d send her off if I’m not too groggy. Then I’d fetch her at 11:30AM if I’m not too lazy. LOL. Motherly duties. Sort of. LOL.

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