Reason why we moved around

Qingdao China Guide left a comment on my previous post. Flattered that they, like you, are actually updated with my daily nonsense. LOL. Thanks Qingdao China Guide.

Okay, the reason we moved quite a few times - 3 times to be exact - was because of the ongoing renovation with some of the units that Shangri-La owns at Eldo Gardens.

Our first unit in Building 5 was already okay for us. Until the renovation started on the floor above us. We couldn't sleep at all since we all sleep at daytime. They transferred us to

Our second unit in Building 3 was the semi-luxurious living that we pretty much prefer. Squeaky clean, new furnitures, shiny flooring, and an outstanding view of the shoreline. But we were told we wouldn't be staying there for long since it was meant for a higher ranking employee or manager of the hotel. Our former Resident Manager used to live there a day before we moved in. So I can't say "not bad", because the unit is really nice.

But since they need the 1st unit to be occupied by someone who might be working at daytime, they needed the unit to be vacated. And since we won't be staying in the 2nd unit for long, they managed to find us the 3rd semi-permanent unit. Semi-permanent because we only got 3 more months to go in Qingdao. LOL.

3rd unit in Building 4 is quite congested because of the big furnitures we actually don't need. Also, a 4th person was asked to join us - the new Filipina singer at the lobby who sings with Nick, the Chinese pianist.

We're not really happy about it since the rooms are quite small, ie. just enough for a bed, a side table and half-a-meter width of space around the bed. The toilet & bath in the master's bedroom is even spacious than the room itself! Usually, Marl uses the 3rd room for a home/office/sound room, where we also put the big luggages that we have. Now that the 3rd room is occupied by Lisa, the lobby singer, we are left with no choice but cram them all up in the master's bedroom, using all the floor space around the bed.

I heard that Lisa will be moved to another apartment soon. She's a nice girl and if the flat was just bigger, we wouln't really mind her joining us. But... you know...

I just hope this move will be the last one. Hope no problem will arise. We don't want to try and live in all the buildings of Silver Garden!!!

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