Bon voyage, GAP Girls!

The Aussies. The party girls. The posse. The GAP girls. Whatever you call them, they certainly have been the life of any party, gathering, gig or event they have attended while they were here in Qingdao.

Victoria, Hannah, Jida and Louise are just normal 18 year old girls who likes to have fun and be fun. They came to Qingdao to teach English classes, along with other kids their age.

I remember when I first approached them, I felt like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. Aside from being 10 years their senior, I do admit I got intimidated at first because they are strictly R&B hiphop lovers. But that was 3 months ago. URB scoured and studied songs most to the Qbar patrons' liking - R&B hiphop!

But it was only during their last month that the band finally got close to them. They are really sweethearts once you get to know them.

You're gonna be missed, ladies. Goodluck and hope to see you soon!

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