Watta 4th of July!

When you're in China, you are kinda excluded from the events going around the world. It seems like China has its own world or something. And I never realized that yesterday was the 4th of July! Really. Not that it's important for me, I ain't American anyway. It's just that, it used to be a big event for me, too.

This year, somehow, I only knew about it when a cake was brought out to our American friends last night. I even stupidly read out loud "Happy Birthday, America"... then asked... "America?". Stupid! Hahaha!

But I don't think that accounted for a great party last night. In fact, there's a real American bar in Qingdao which might have had its own party, too. But judging by the number of regular faces and new faces, Q Bar was definitely having a blast last night. Yes, there were lots of foreigners from all over the world. It was one of the great parties we've had. URB certainly proved that we can handle a big party crowd!

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