It comes in three

I do believe that if something happens to you once, it comes in three. Blessings, love, success - they all come in a bulk of three before something adverse happens. You don't believe me? Haven't you read the Saritalogy books I release like, for a millenium now? Geez, how could have you missed that? It's the best seller of all time! LOL.

The reason why I said that nonsense stuff is because on our 3rd month in Qingdao, we have moved to another flat for the 3rd time. We are even staying on 3rd floor! Yeah really! You don't believe me? Go ask your pharmacist.


Yeah really, we have moved again. Should I cheer about it? Of course, it's the 3rd move and everything comes in three!

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Anonymous said...

Why did you guys have to move so many times? Can you give some advise?